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Dark Walnut Leaner Headboard, Queen

Product Description

This Barn Walls handmade headboard is constructed using new wooden blocks that are placed against the wall. Once installed, your bed will sit adjacent to the headboard for a beautifully finished look. It is call ???Leaner?? style because once the headboard is placed into the desired location, it will simply lean against the wall and the bed will be used to hold it in place. They do not attach to the bed frame. They are 58?? tall and will sit on the ground. In contrast to the Barn Walls ???Hanging?? style headboards, the Leaner styles offers the same great design options but without the necessity to alter the wall during installation. The package includes easy installation instructions to explain how to connect the blocks together prior to wall placement. As there is no drilling involved, this is a perfect option for renters or to add a touch of home to a dorm room. The headboards come in a variety of colors and with the easy installation of the Leaner style, they are a great way to change your room design with the changing seasons. If you love our designs but are looking for more budget friendly option, we also have Hanger styles where they hang on the wall, similar to hanging picture frames. This listing is for a Queen Leaner headboard style in a Dark Walnut oil stain which consists of 3 wooden blocks. Each block measures 21.5?? length x 58?? height x 2?? deep and weights approximately 15 lbs. Overall Dimensions: 64.5 length x 58 height x 2 deep Overall Weight: 45 lbs Total Number of Blocks: 3 Color: Dark Walnut Style: Leaner

Product Specification

  • Make on Order: Yes
  • Materials: call for detail
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Payment Method

Advance: 50% || Remaining: Before Delivery
Shipping Charges: As Per Distance

Note: The Production Starts After You Place Your order so The orders cannot be cancelled or returned once placed, so please call our trained staff with any questions you may have prior to ordering รข€" we will ensure that you get exactly what you need.


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